July/August Photo Contest PSA Judge - Larry McDonald

Larry McDonald After I retired I wanted to get serious about photography. I met some people from a PSA club and I joined that club. Several members of the club were officers in PSA and my wife and I joined PSA. Positions in PSA Two years doing whose who for Photojournalism Eight years Region director Three years Treasurer of Photo travel Education in Photography First few years read everything I could. Classes held by PSA Enrolled at the local college and took all of their photo classes Continuing my education in a study group made up of people that have completed the college classes. My wife and I also judge at local clubs and do remote judging for PSA.

Upcoming Events

Aug. 15, 2018

July-August Photo Contest (Macro)

August........Macro…………….…………due by August 15/results announced at the Sept. meeting
(the theme "Macro" should be interpreted to be true Macro as well as close-up images)

Aug. 22, 2018

Photoshop Club

Wednesday, Aug 22, Waccamaw Library 1-3pm

Aug. 16, 2018

Milky Way Outing (Date TBA)

***The Milky Way outing has been postponed***
The Milky Way in the late summer is visible during more civil viewing
hours. In early September the Milky Way will be visible from around
9:00 PM until midnight +/-.
Please click on the Underlined title to go to details of the Outing.

Sep. 8, 2018

Dave Kelly Lightroom Workshop

Dave Kelly Lightroom Workshop

We’ve booked Dave Kelly for a complete Lightroom Workshop on Saturday September 8th. Dave Kelly is a Adobe Certified Lightroom Instructor.

The workshop will be held at the Waccamaw Library and will run from 8:30 to 4:30. There will be a lunch break and lunch is included.

This is an opportunity to learn and understand the amazing powers of Lightroom.

This workshop is free to all current Tidelands Photography Club Members.

Interested? Please RSVP back to me and I’ll add you to the list.

Please don’t delay reserving a seat.

This is certainly a workshop you don’t want to miss.

Ed Robidoux

Sep. 19, 2018

Panning Workshop

Announcing a new fun workshop, Panning “Action” Photography workshop. This results in an action shot with the background blurred.
Click on the underlined title for info.

Oct. 15, 2018

Fall Foliage Tour (Oct 15-18)

We've organized a Fall Foliage Photo Outing on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

If you're interested in joining us, Please Book your Room directly with the Hotel , then RSVP me and I'll add you to the List.

Remember to use the Code "Tidelands Photography Club" when booking with the Hotel. The discounted room rate expires on September 15th, so don't delay.

Please click on the Underlined title to go to the info.

Check it Out!!

Aug. 2, 2018

Pre-Visualization and Advanced Composition

Georgianne Giese's presentation on Advanced Composition in PDF format.

Click on the Underlined title, that will take you to the webpage with the link to the PDF

Jul. 10, 2018

May/June Photo Contest Scores

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Jun. 29, 2018

Renaming & resizing images

PDF instructions on renaming and resizing images in Photoshop, Lightroom, Luminar, Topaz Studio.
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Jun. 8, 2018

Other Photography Contest

Linda Cookingham has come up with a list of some other Photography Contest that members could enter. We’ll update this regularly.
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Jun. 5, 2018

Model Release form

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Jun. 4, 2018

Buy, Sell, or Swap

***2018 Hunt's Specials***

Added another Nikon deal ( Check it Out!!)

***Also, Charlie Enxuto will be bringing to the next meeting, assorted tripods (medium to light weight and table top) along with assorted photo accessories.
Everything there may be taken by our members. I ask no money for them, but ask for our members to donate whatever they feel fit for the Library AC Project.
Blind donation, so take what you want, pay what you want. It's for a good cause.

Take a look at our Buy, Sell, or Swap webpage, you never know you might find something that you can't live without!
Click on the underlined heading which will take you to the webpage, then click on a subheading (Canon, Nikon, etc.)

Jan. 6, 2018

Photo Info Links

Checks out the Links page to find links to some of your favorite photographers or other photography information (such as Bill Barber, Jim Zuckerman, Jamie Davison, Kate Silvia)
Click on the underlined heading which will take you to the Links page.

Mar. 3, 2018

Sponsors' Page

***2018 Hunt's Specials***
Check Out the new Sponsors' Page for info on upcoming sales, discounts to members, etc. Featuring Seaside Framing owner Christopher John, Hunt's Photo & Video, and Skylum discount on Luminar and Aurora 2018.
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---The Tidelands Photography Club meets---  

 The Tidelands Photography Club meets monthly.

 Meetings will

 be held at the Waccamaw Neck Library at:

 41 St Paul Place

 Pawleys Island 

 South Carolina 29585

                                       9 AM 

                           Dates will be posted



Tidelands Mission

The purpose of the Club shall be to associate

for the mutual enjoyment of photography and

to encourage the advancement and education of members

and non-members in the knowledge and practice

of the science and art of photography.


We are proud to inform you that Tidelands Photography Club is now official. We have obtained a Non-Profit Corporation status with the State of South Carolina and have filed for and obtained a Tax ID with the Federal Government.  Now, officially, we have had our first Board of Directors Meeting.



   Member (Anyone joining after 01/01/2016)

    *   Member Fee - $30

    *   Family Fee - $45

    Student (Free –under 18)


Membership Fees by Month:








































("This pro-rated schedule pertains to new members only .  Returning members will pay the full year individual/family rate of $30/$45".)

    * December fee includes the following year. 


Tidelands Photography Club

c/o Bob DeMarco

156 Stonegate Blvd.

Murrells Inlet, SC  29576

Application For Membership

Join Tidelands Photography Club
Just come to any one of our Meetings. See the Calendar for dates and times. When you're ready to join, click on the following Membership application PDF...

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