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Jan. 21, 2021

Technique, Vision and Processing of Landscape Scenes

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Also a link to article on lens calibration and a link to Stover' free presentations.

Jan. 18, 2021

PhotoShare (Updated)

#39 Fish Truck and Color RED - Photo Challenge
#38 Birds in Flight and Grundon - Photo Challenge
#37 Street Scenes and Oak Tree - Photo Challenge
#36 Sunrise and Sunset Plus Fred G Pics - Photo Challenge
#35 Food & Marsh Pics- Photo Challenge
#34 Autumn & USS Yorktown - Photo Challenge
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Jan. 11, 2021

Nik Collection workshop & Luminar AI workshop

We recorded a Nik Collection workshop today, for anyone who was unable to watch it, here’s a link to the DropBox folder. The folder contains the video, PDF handouts, and the images used in the session.

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Dec. 27, 2020

Photographers & Images of the Year

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Dec. 23, 2020

Coastal Expedition Trips

This is a great sign things are progressing. Coastal Expedition is reopening their trips to some o the coastal island, especially Bull Island, albeit the dates are Spring and beyond, but it’s great to see they’re restarting their Sunrise trips to Bull Island. Follow this link to see the offerings:

My favorite is the Sunrise trips to Bull Island, you’ll need to be at the landing at some ungodly hour of the morning to travel to BoneYard beach, but the sunrise and the boneyard scenes are spectacular. But there’s the trick. I usually photo long exposure at sunrise, it offers some amazing opportunities, but you need water on the beach to do interesting long exposures and many of the dates shown are at or near low tide.

But, (I’ve started 3 sentences with ‘But’ I'm sure Ms. Penny Pincher will lecture me on that), I’ve scouted out 2 dates on their list with more ideal tide conditions, so if you’re interested in doing long exposure, with water on the beach, these are the best days for the first half of their schedule. First, Sunday April 4th (it’s Easter, I know) low tide is around 9:20 AM and we'll be almost home. The second date is Wednesday June 2nd, low tide is around 9:30 and we’ll be home probably. If the Covid stuff is permitting the April 4th trip, I intend on trying to make that trip, otherwise I’ll try to book the June 2nd date. Might try to book both dates.

But, there's a catch, the link above gives you an opportunity to sign up for Prebooking, so if you’re interested, I’d encourage you to sign up for
Pre-booking, as this will give you a better shot at getting the trip you want.

Nov. 1, 2020

Buy, Sale, or Swap page Updated

Vickie Stroupe’s Camera Gear listed for sale.

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---The Tidelands Photography Club meets---  

 The Tidelands Photography Club meets monthly.

 Meetings will

 be held at the Waccamaw Neck Library at:

 41 St Paul Place

 Pawleys Island 

 South Carolina 29585

                                       9 AM 

                           Dates will be posted



Tidelands Mission

The purpose of the Club shall be to associate

for the mutual enjoyment of photography and

to encourage the advancement and education of members

and non-members in the knowledge and practice

of the science and art of photography.


Tidelands Photography Club is a Non-Profit Corporation with the State of South Carolina with a Tax ID Number with the Federal Government.  Our Board of Directors hold monthly meetings, the Minutes of which can be found by clicking on “Board Meetings.”



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“The 2021 membership fees were adjusted due to COVID 19 activity restrictions”.

Membership Fees by Month:








































("This pro-rated schedule pertains to new members only .  Returning members will pay the full year individual/family rate of $30/$45".)

    * December fee includes the following year. 


Tidelands Photography Club

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