Apr. 15, 2020

Matt Kloskowski’s Webinar

Meeting Date/Time: Wednesday, April 15th, 2020/9:00 AM

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Check it Out!!

Mar. 31, 2020

Photography Article

To help inspire you with your Photography, here’s a article with some amazing images, this was sent to me by Fred Giese, Thanks Fred.

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Mar. 31, 2020

Free Photography Webinars

First, Matt Kloskowski, a longtime Photoshop and Lightroom instructor, is making some webinars available FREE while we are all on lockdown. Some have already happened and you can watch the replay. Some are coming in the future.
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Mar. 20, 2020

Adobe is offering 2 months free

Next, I got a note from Gary Burg and a Photoshop site that I follow, indicating Adobe is offering 2 months free because of the virus problems.

Here’s how to get this offer:

Log into Adobe using your ID and Password, then go to you account and click on the 'Cancel Membership’ button. This will bring you to a page where you offer a reason for canceling, the advice is ’too expensive’ and write something in the comments box below, then click on continue and you’ll get a 2 month free offer.

This really works.

Thanks Gary..

Mar. 20, 2020

Canon Macro Guidebook

I received an note from Karen Williams, she sent a Canon Macro Guidebook. It’s full of tips and options for Macro and closeup photography. The guidebook is attached to this email.
Thanks Karen..
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Mar. 20, 2020

Lightroom from Muench Workshops

Yesterday a series began on Lightroom from Muench Workshops , unfortunately many who enrolled for this session were not able to get in due to technical problems. Thanks to Larry Thomas as he has shared a link to watch the brief 30 minute tutorial. Check it out:

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Mar. 16, 2020

Online Photoshop Workshop (Free Week)

If Photoshop is something you’ve wanted to Learn or Master, here’s a FREE offer from Morgan Burks, They’re offering a Photoshop Week, beginning March 16, 2020 and for the next 6 days you’ll get a link to watch, you’ve got to view it each day as the link will only be active for 24 hours.

Interested?, it’s free. Follow this link to enroll and then you’ll get an email to confirm.

I’ve signed up, hope to see you there.

Thanks to Fred Giese for sending to offer to me.

Feb. 27, 2020

Check Out Our Website!

Don't forget to check out the Links Page, Photography Info Page, Swap & Sale Page and just go ahead and Check Out all the Tidelands Webpages, you just may find something you did not know about. Also make sure you click on the down arrow or either click on the subpages listed under the Title Bar

Apr. 22, 2020

Florida’s Birding and Photofest

Florida’s Birding and Photofest is scheduled for April 22-26 2020, here’s the link with the details:

This is a great Birding adventure, don’t delay if you're interested.

Aug. 25, 2019

Focus Projects

Something New!
First, we’re setting up special interest groups (aptly named FOCUS),
lead by one of our advanced photographers to discuss and explore
specific photographic topics.
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---The Tidelands Photography Club meets---  

 The Tidelands Photography Club meets monthly.

 Meetings will

 be held at the Waccamaw Neck Library at:

 41 St Paul Place

 Pawleys Island 

 South Carolina 29585

                                       9 AM 

                           Dates will be posted



Tidelands Mission

The purpose of the Club shall be to associate

for the mutual enjoyment of photography and

to encourage the advancement and education of members

and non-members in the knowledge and practice

of the science and art of photography.


Tidelands Photography Club is a Non-Profit Corporation with the State of South Carolina with a Tax ID Number with the Federal Government.  Our Board of Directors hold monthly meetings, the Minutes of which can be found by clicking on “Board Meetings.”



   Member (Anyone joining after 01/01/2016)

    *   Member Fee - $30

    *   Family Fee - $45

    Student (Free –under 18)


Membership Fees by Month:








































("This pro-rated schedule pertains to new members only .  Returning members will pay the full year individual/family rate of $30/$45".)

    * December fee includes the following year. 


Tidelands Photography Club

c/o Linda Dittrich

1324 Royal Devon Drive

Myrtle Beach, SC  29575

Application For Membership-New 2017

Join Tidelands Photography Club
Just come to any one of our Meetings. See the Calendar for dates and times. When you're ready to join, click on the following Membership application PDF...

Copyright Notice

All photographs on this site are the property of our membership and cannot be used without the express consent of the photographer. No digital duplication of any photograph on this website may be used without the permission of the photographer.


Disclaimer Statement

"All events and/or outings sponsored by Tidelands Photography Club involve some degree of risk, both personal and property.  By agreeing to participate in such event and/or outing, you are assuming that risk and agree to release from liability and hold Tidelands Photography Club and the organizers of such events/outings harmless."