The Tidelands Photography Club is a Non-profit organization established in 2015. This club was established to promote all types and facets of photography.  It will also provide an opportunity for members to expand their knowledge in the art and science of photography. Club activities will be held throughout the year along with regular monthly meetings. Programs are planned to interest all photographers, from beginners to skilled artisans. Guests and prospective members are welcome at any of the club's meetings. 


---The Tidelands Photography Club meets---  


The Tidelands Photography Club meets monthly.

 Meetings will be held at the

Waccamaw Neck Library at:

 41 St Paul Place

 Pawleys Island 

 South Carolina 29585

9 AM 

Dates will be posted


Membership is open to anyone expressing their interest in Photography, then upon payment of Annual dues will be considered a Member of the Tidelands Photography Club.


Annual Dues

The Annual dues for membership in the Tidelands Photography Club shall be:

* Individual -  $30

* Family - $45

* Student Free - (under 18 years old)


Membership Fees By Month
  Individual Family  







February               27.50                41.25  
March               25.00                37.50  
April               22.50                33.75  
May               20.00                30.00  
June               17.50                26.25  
July               15.00                22.50  
August               12.50                18.75  
September               10.00                15.00  
October                 7.50                11.25  
November                 5.00                  7.50  
December                 30.00                  45.00  



The membership shall elect officers for the following positions:


Vice President



All Officers shall serve a two year term.


The Tidelands Photography Club shall periodically hold outings of interest with the purpose of expanding members interest and expertise in photography.


The Tidelands Photography Club will periodically hold education workshops covering techniques, equipment, software, etc.

Revised Tidelands Bylaws

Revised on July 11, 2016 by a majority of the club members present at the July Meeting.