Pre-Visualization and Advanced Composition Workshop

We have a new workshop for members, this workshop will be lead by Georgianne Giese at the Surfside Library on August 1, 2018 at 9:00 AM

Here are some of the workshop details:

1. Subject, focal points, and the story:  How to distinguish and use all  to enhance rather than detract from one another

2. Balance and visual weight:  How to recognize and control

3. Negative and positive space and how to use both to enhance your story and subject

4. Light, light intensities, shadows,  and when to use HDR

5. Lines and curves

6. Pre-visualization of the shape and dimensions of the final image.

7. Outdoor practice of workshop material.


Participants need to bring their camera, the tool Georgianne will pass out at our next meeting (July 9). and their camera manual. Tripods are optional.

Emphasis will be on training the eye to see what the camera sees and then composing the picture to reflect what the photographer preceives.

Interested? Please RSVP to Georgianne Giese directly (

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